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  2. Whole life insurance and IUL etc is not only good for “high network folk” it’s good for small business owners, it’s good for people who have are not living pay check to pay check. Met Life is not the only insurance company. This video speaks to a percentage of people who can only afford a term policy. As an insurance agent I have to find what’s best for my client and there income. But this video makes whole life and iul seem bad when they can actually be your life saver.

  3. I hate these videos about life insurance, I don’t even need to watch it to know what she’s going to propose. The answer for me is you have to calculate what is to be spent on the policy versus face amount. If you spend 25k for 25k then no the policy would be rendered moot. With that being said the various investing, saving strategies people normally try to use fail at 2 major points. 1 most people never end up saving the actual amount they need for their funeral services and 2 in most countries if you do no appoint someone to control your assets when you pass or have contingency personnel, your money will be taxed hence your family or loved ones losing portions of your money until its cleared by either a bank or local government benching. Also your lying about the two major holes between both. Term life will end and once you get too old and your health degrades you can’t renew your coverage where as whole life is a guaranteed payout once the policy is issued. Also once you pull your money from your investment from the intended persons passing you neglected to tell the public about the taxes that are taken out the overall payout etc. Btw I sold insurance, and investment programs for 6 years across 3 states to every income level. Stop lying

  4. You have no idea what you are talking about. What about taxes and volatility—two big factors you are completely leaving out. And I’d watch your labeling insurance agents “scammers”.

  5. Also the advantage of whole life is if you borrow it, you’re not borrowing YOUR money you’re borrowing against it(collateral) so if you borrow against it to buy an asset you are using “the same money” to make money on the asset plus the interest in the policy though it is little interest

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